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We made a big impact with our inside voice

…said no one ever

Founder, Breton Shepherd, was a new dad when he started Outside Voice. Over the next few years as his daughter was becoming social, he recalled hearing the phrase “use your inside voice” often in different settings. He made a conscious choice not to use the phrase as he felt it didn’t serve her confidence or creativity at an age where creative expression is so important.

In his book “The Creative Act: A Way of Being,” Rick Rubin describes the advantage children have with the creative process because of their ability to approach the world with “fresh eyes, unburdened by societal norms or limitations” unlike adults who may encounter limitations due to our preconceived notions. Children on the other hand are only able to see limitless possibilities in front of them.

Outside Voice was born in the spirit of creative exploration, inspired to look beyond the barriers and challenges ahead and to uncover the limitless possibilities in our mission to deliver ideas worth shouting for our clients.


We see ourselves as extensions of our clients’ teams and are only as good as the work we create together.

We say what we mean

We strive for transparent honesty in everything we do and take the initiative to deliver on the things we’ve communicated.


We approach each challenge with fresh eyes and never settle on the first or easiest solution, rather looking for new ways to make the impossible possible.

The ABCs

Always be curious. We ask a lot of questions, listen with intent, and are driven by a constant desire to learn.


It’s why we’ve worked with many of our clients since day one and we’ve gotten there by being genuine and showing up as ourselves every day.

Here for fun

We got into this business because of the people and at the end of the day, shouldn’t work be fun? We’ll make sure it is when you work with us.

Our Capabilities

Getting Messages Heard

Our Partners

We're in good company

  • Food & Beverage
  • Event & Experience
  • Outdoor & Lifestyle
  • Agriculture
  • Trade Organizations
  • Non-Profit

The Good Word

“Our event would not have happened without Outside Voice. They provided everything from PR to marketing strategy, connecting us with additional partners to improve and grow our festival, and providing boots on the ground to ensure a smooth festival. Outside Voice had the perfect marriage of attention to detail and big picture vision and logistics to help make our festival a success, not only in our eyes, but also our festival-goers, partners, and sponsors. Breton and his team are truly incredible to work with.”

Justin StroupExecutive Director, WYO Film Festival
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Breton Shepherd